Tree work done!

Photo heavy post ahead. 😀

It’s about 6 months later than we meant to have it done, but done it is! The trees are now clear from the power lines and the roof.

I was really, really excited to see the chipper they brought in.

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Spruce tips


That spindly little spruce tree I was able to leave, while clearing the spruce grove, seems to be looking healthier – now that it’s getting more light after the bigger trees were removed from the fence line, and it is no longer crowded by underbrush.

I think it’s got a very good chance of surviving.

The Re-Farmer

Pretty, but …

With autumn making itself felt for a little while now, the changes in the leafs is sometimes showing us things we couldn’t see when all was green.

Like this beautiful splash of red.


This spruce tree is probably 50-60 feet high, and entangled in the beautiful, horrible, invasive vine I’ve been digging up and tearing out all over the place.  It looks so gorgeous, but from some of the trees I’ve found, is probably killing the spruce it is climbing.  Whether or not it is why this spruce has branches only on the south and east sides of the trunk, I can’t say.

We’ve lost a lot of spruces in the spruce grove already.  When I get to clearing in there next year, I will hopefully be able to cut the vine at its base – no chance of being able to get it off the tree without special equipment, but I’ll pull down as much as I can.  Who knows.  It might end up like the dead spruces on the north side of the house, and come right off as one giant triffid.

Once things are cleared and cleaned more in there, I will likely transplant new spruces into the spruce grove.  Like the two my mom planted right against the chain link fence around the inner yard! 😀

The Re-Farmer