Critter(s) of the Day: just passing through

My daughter spotted Big Jim curled up and taking a nap. While taking photos, who should come by but Not-Slick.


They seem not quite sure what to make of each other. 😀


Critter(s) of the Day: the eyes have it

I still haven’t gotten around to processing photos from the DSLR for my critter of the day pictures – partly because, until I can pay to upgrade my WordPress account, and have almost filled my flickr account, I don’t really have anyplace to upload them all. :-/

So once again, I have kitten pictures for you. I hope you don’t mind. 😉

Check out Beep Beep’s babies!

Yes! All their eyes are open now! Well. Mostly open. 😀

Butterscotch, I am happy to say, has been joining her kittens in the box nest that I made more room in, and so far, she hasn’t tried moving them again.


My heart melts every time I see that little skunk-stripe nose!

Critter(s) of the Day: video compilation

Not a photo of the day, today, but a video.

Yesterday, after moving Butterscotch’s babies out of her most recent hiding place and putting them with Beep Beep’s babies, I check on them several times throughout the day.

I also got some adorable videos.

The babies were clearly quite content with the set up. Beep Beep was also quite good with all the babies.

Butterscotch, on the other hand, was not happy.

She and Beep Beep don’t get along at times, but I hoped her own kittens would be enough for her to make the effort. There’s lots of room in that cat cave.

At my last visit with them, however, I changed my mind. I was able to pick Butterscotch up briefly, but she was very nervous and jumped down. Not before I could feel that her teats were engorged. The kittens were fine, which means Beep Beep must have been nursing them, too, because Butterscotch sure hadn’t been.

The last thing I want is for her to end up with mastitis, or lose her milk. So I put her babies back into the box nest, so she could nurse them in peace.

Ah, well. The kittens are getting more active as they get bigger, and will be able to cuddle and play together soon enough.

The Re-Farmer

Critter(s) of the Day: a story in kittens

This is a story that began yesterday, when I found Beep Beep like this.


Yup. The family has finally outgrown the nest I’d made inside the “cat cave” box. Time to open things up again!


Aaahhhh!!! Much better! Lots of room to spread out.

This morning, I discovered Butterscotch had moved her kittens again. With the blanket she’d put them on before now gone, she just used a shelf.


Poor little things!

I had to move the cat cave set up – with Beep Beep and babies inside! – to get to them.

So I took advantage of the situation.


I put them all on top, then after pushing the whole set up back again, I checked out the babies.

It looks like all 4 of them are male.

I had also opened up the box nest that Butterscotch’s babies were in, taking the smaller box out and putting the pillow and little cat bed back inside the bigger box, but should I even bother putting the kittens back in there?

Where would be a good place to put them, instead?


In with the other kittens sounded like a good idea.

Beep Beep came over to sniff them and immediately started to groom them, so she’s fine with it. As you can see, Butterscotch’s babies are real chill about it, too.


Checking them after doing my rounds, I see the kittens seem fine with it, too – one of Beep Beep’s kittens is cuddled right in with its cousins!

Butterscotch, on the other hand, wouldn’t even let me show her where I’d put her kittens. She and Beep Beep aren’t exactly best buddies, so I’ll be checking frequently to see how things are.

The Re-Farmer