Winter “fun”

You know, I’m really looking forward to being able to just pop outside at a whim. Although temperatures have become relatively mild lately (we’re at -7C right now, with a wind chill of -12C), when you have to spend several minutes just to bundle up in layers and heave on the snow boots, going in tends to involve more planning for efficiency. ;-D

Yesterday was not particularly efficient.

Early on, I popped into the living room to talk to my husband and got distracted by the furry butt out the window. Doom Guy was on the platform feeder again. Going to the window to get a picture, I discovered he was not alone.


There was a whole gathering of felines in the feeding area! Doom Guy on the platform, The Outsider and big Jim at its base, and even Butterscotch, checking things out. It’s like a whole crowd had come to see if the bird buffet was ready. :-/

I did my morning rounds, as usual, so the birds got a chance at the feed while the cats were at their own feeding area, enjoying their kibble and some fresh, warm water. Along the way, I noticed this.


These are deer tracks, leading from the driveway to the south fence line of the spruce grove. There are other sets of tracks that lead to the fence, then back track to the driveway. Here, the tracks continue on the other side.

When I am done clearing this section of the spruce grove this summer, the deer will be able to jump the fence anywhere they wish.

Taking the above photo was unusually difficult. Because, cat…


Butterscotch was enthusiastically rolling around in my arm while I tried to take the picture.

If I ever have to replace my phone, it will most likely be because a cat knocked it out of my hand while I was taking a picture. 😀

Yesterday, we needed to make a dump run, then head into town to get the stuff I forgot the last time we went. I just didn’t have the energy to go into town the day before. I’m feeling much better, thankfully, but after how much the trip to town wore me out, I knew going out again would just set me back again. I’m almost over the cold now – just still low energy – but its made its way to my husband and now he’s the one is worse shape at the moment. 😦

So my younger daughter and I bundled up, loaded the garbage and recycling into the van, and headed to the dump, then into town. A stop at the pharmacy for cold meds, a gas station to top up, plus pick up some more oil for the snow blower, and a grocery store. Yesterday was Community Day in Pokemon Go, though, so we did stay in town to play the game. I ended up catching at least 8 shiny totodiles, while she caught only 1 shiny! Weird. We also got two new additions to our Pokedex, so at least that part of our day was efficient! 😀

When we got home, I stopped on the road so my daughter could go unlock the chain. Unfortunately, I misjudged my turn, and went beyond where my other daughter and I had shoveled the plow ridge clear.

I got stuck.

After several attempts to get clear, my daughter came and tried to push, but that didn’t work, either. So she went to get a shovel while I kept trying to get free. Thankfully, I was able to get out before she got back with the shovel, but she was still sicker than me, so all that extra stuff while out in the cold did not help. 😦

After that, we were more than happy to stay indoors!

I really should be using the time indoors to catch up on some crochet I’m working on for a friend, and working on fresh inventory, but I have avoided even touching yarn while I’m sick.

Now that I have the oil I need, I am instead trying to convince myself to get the snow blower out and clear the two areas in the driveway that I’ve gotten stuck in.

It’s Sunday, though. A day of rest.

It can wait until tomorrow.

The Re-Farmer


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