Wait… what?

Today, I sent in our meter reading. Now that it’s been over a year since we’ve had the electricity switched over to our name, we currently have a full 12 months of billing history, beginning in December of 2017. Keeping in mind that our scheduled meter readings are taken around the 13th of every month (it’s not the same for everyone), with the new bill coming in around the 20th of the month, this means that a bill for December covers our usage from the middle of November, to the middle of December. Also, electricity is our only source of energy, including for heating. There’s no oil or natural gas or anything else like that.

Our first bill in December of 2017 had an energy consumption of 4797 kW.h.

Our December of 2018 bill had an energy consumption of 4799 kW.h

A difference of only 2.

The difference in the cost of electricity?

2017 cost us $434.40

2018 came to $452.14

Those 2 extra kW.h cost $17.74

I don’t recall any notification about the cost per kW.h going up, in the past year.

It’s a good thing we’re on the equal payment plan. :-/

The Re-Farmer


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