Winter says hello!

So we went from a deep freeze to above freezing, and now the snow is back. We started getting weather alerts yesterday for snowfall. Locally, the snow started in the late afternoon, but to the south and east of us, I’m hearing there was a lot more. We have a bright, sunny day right now, but we’re still getting weather alerts, this time for blowing snow. Interestingly, it’s supposed to start snowing about mid-afternoon – when we’re also supposed to be reaching temperatures of 0C!

Normally, I’d be taking out the snow blower by now, but I think I’ll wait until tomorrow. Maybe. Yesterday, the girls and I started coming down with colds. Joy. :-/ Unfortunately, that means trying to quarantine my husband from us, as much as possible. The last thing he needs is a cold on top of everything else he’s dealing with. He’s been having some very bad pain days again. Winter is always harder. 😦

Our new set up, with him using the small bedroom that used to be my office/craft room, and the office/craft room moved in with me in the master bedroom, makes a quarantine at least a bit easier.

How I intended to lay things out had to change, when the cats started using everything they could to get to the top of the wall shelf. There are things up there specifically to protect them FROM the cats, so that was a problem. A utility shelf I’d intended to put near that wall had to go somewhere else, so they couldn’t use it to get to the top of the wall shelf. So my work table ended up there (still piled high with stuff that needs to be organized), while the computer desk went into the corner the table was going to go into, and the utility shelf against the wall beside my chair. It had to be far enough away that I could still open drawers, but not too far, so as not to block the small window in that wall.

It’s a good layout, for the most part, as I now have lots more floor space, and can access both windows. But the shelf is in the way of me when I’m in the chair. If I’m not careful, when I turn to or from the middle of the room, the back of the chair pushes aside a bin of inventory, which in turn knocks over other stuff. Like my display heads.

Ask me how I know that. Go ahead! :-/

The cats can still reach the top of the utility shelf, which is fine where it is now. Getting up, however, is easier than getting back down again. They can go from my dresser to the window ledge, and from the window ledge, up the shelf. But they can’t get to the window ledge well from the shelf, and the dresser is too far.

So what do they need to do to get down?


They have to jump down to the back of the office chair. This is DahBoy, gauging his jump. Problem is, I’m in the way.

Suck that I am, I ended up turning the chair, then leaning forward, just so he could jump down onto the back of it. Which he took advantage of, immediately.

I don’t mind. I rather enjoy being able to look up and discover an adorable face looking down at me. 😀

Cold or no cold, the morning rounds need to be made. The feeding station for the birds and deer was completely covered with snow, but that didn’t stop a couple of deer from trying to find some feed, anyhow.


Here, you can see the tracks of two deer coming in from the garden, and then leaving the same way. You can see where they dug in the snow, too, though that’s a bit harder to make out with my boot prints in there, too. My boot prints cover most of it, but there’s also tracks of a cat that went gullumping through the feed area.


More gullumping cat tracks!

And birds.


Lots of bird tracks.

The redpolls in particular are very active right now. We’re seeing dozens of them at a time, both on the ground at the deer feed, and crowding onto the platform feeder.

They are so pretty.

Today, I was planning to drive out to get the mail. We haven’t done that in over a week. Not too much of a problem, with the holidays, but it still needs to be done.

I think it can wait until tomorrow, though. I think a day indoors, with hot tea and lemon, is in order. Hopefully, I can fight this cold off while it’s just starting.

The Re-Farmer


4 thoughts on “Winter says hello!

  1. Feel better soon.

    My college cat had a game she liked to play. If she were in a tree and someone walked by the tree or if she were atop the house roof and someone was standing near the house, she would jump onto the person’s shoulders and then to the ground.

    The electric company meter readers learned to stand well away from the house when reading the meter. I learned to look up in the tree before walking near it.

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