Warming, and comparisons

The temperature outside is not the only thing was was warming up today. This is what I saw when I looked out our bathroom window this morning.


Pretty sure that’s Big Jim in the empty water bowl. 😀

Also, they are absolutely shredding the piece of Styrofoam I’ve got partially holding up their cat cave roof! 😀

We’ve taken advantage of the warming temperatures with a quick trip into the city last night, and a trip to finally do our bigger shopping today. We’re skipping our usual monthly Costco shop this month, because of how things worked out for the holidays, but it was still worth driving into the city to get at least a modestly large shopping trip in.

Among the things we picked up today was 5 large bags of kibble for the outside cats. Going to the city to buy those alone saved us about $50-$75, if we’d bought it locally. The price range is because the stores are often out of stock of the lower priced varieties. The savings in cat food alone more than makes up for the cost of gas to drive to the city.

I had to buy a memory card. A 16 Gig card in the city cost me just under $16. A comparable card locally? Almost $25.

So it was worth the drive in, even as messy as it was out there. We were above freezing today, and everything was melting like crazy on the roads. It’s going to cool down again, starting tomorrow, so I’m glad to get the hours of driving out of the way, before everything freezes up again. Temperatures are expected to drop again, starting tomorrow, though not the deep freeze we recently had.

It should be interesting to see how the deep freeze will affect our electricity bill. Our billing cycle is mid-month, so there is a calendar overlap. Our first bill, just over a year ago, was over $300, going up almost $100 each cycle over the next few months, topping out at just under $600. During this time, the hot water tank had finally died and we were heating water every day for washing. Comparing the costs of our energy usage a year later, the bill only went up about $25 in the same time period. It should be interesting to compare the time period after we got the new hot water tank, and were no longer boiling water for hours, every day!

The Re-Farmer


6 thoughts on “Warming, and comparisons

  1. It’s been near 0C outside and with the heater operating, 20C inside. Today, I ran 7 miles and my wife rode her bicycle about 13 miles.

    We were both a bit chilled when we finished, so we got the fireplace going. Two people, two dogs, and a cat, are all vying for the perfect spot in front of the fireplace. 🙂

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