Let’s try that again

So, the outside cats have been using the cat cave put together to help conserve their body heat.  Overall, they seemed to adapt to it rather quickly.

Of course, they also explored it quite a bit, and every now and then, we’d look out the bathroom window and see a cat sitting on top of it.  Especially Ferdinand.

The problem is, the only thing supporting the blanket was a sheet of Styrofoam insulation, which would bounce under their weight.

Not anymore!


It snapped, right in half!

So I decided to try the aquarium box I had set aside in there.  It’s not as long as the bench, but long enough, I think, for them to have lots of room to spread out inside.


I also put one of the pieces of broken foam inside.  It covers the flap to make a smoother bottom and, of course, adds to the insulation.

The other piece is along the end, to hold the blanket up, creating another space.

I’m sure they’ll climb on top and pull things down again, but even if they do, they should still be able to access the inside of the box.

Doom Guy was in it as soon as I was done, and The Outsider was there, soon after.

The Re-Farmer


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