Meet Slick and the Post Cats

First off, a great big thank you to 53old for identifying our little squeaker.  It is neither vole nor mole, but a pygmy shrew!  No wonder I didn’t find it in my searches.  I was looking up moles, voles and rodents.  It’s not a rodent, either, so nothing like it came up.  In fact, seeing what it eats, this is a critter we want to keep around!  Which means, if we ever had the chance to rescue others, we certainly will.

While feeding the cats this morning, one of the dad cats was around.  He seems to be getting more comfortable with us – and the other cats with him (though, to be honest, for all I know, he’s really a she).  As I was going in and out of the sun room to get deer and bird feed, I found him eating with our own cats, and he didn’t try to run away.  Which is more than even Rosencrantz and Guildenstern will do.

Meet Slick.


Grey tabby with a white nose.  The girls have christened him slick.  The grey and white with the odd patch of colour on his nose is Nicky the Nose, and the black and white is now Ferdinand.

Ferdinand was on my dresser/tool chest in the sun room when I came though this morning.  He doesn’t come around until we are well done in the yard.  He and Nicky the Nose have been fighting a lot, lately.  The girls were finding patches of fur – but no blood, thankfully – around the house.

I had lots of company escorting me while I did my founds this morning.  They tend to all catch up with my by the time I reach the lights and am checking the power cords.


Beep Beep was a willing model for me this morning. 😀


Doom Guy was all over me, though he was willing to step off my shoulder and onot a fence post for a bit.

Just a bit.  Then he snagged my shoulder and climbed up again as soon as I was within reach!


Rolando Moon, on the other hand, was quite enjoying the snow-free perch!

She enjoys being petted, but will bite at our finders at the same time.  It’s like, “yes, pet me, but don’t get comfortable!!”


Butterscotch spent most of the time in my arms, licking my fingers and my cheek.

Today, we are hoping for a quieter and more relaxing day.  A trip into town to get some remaining prescription refills, and that’s it.

Unlike yesterday.

I left in the late morning to go to my mother’s.  I got there just in time for her Meals on Wheels to arrive, so once she was done her lunch, we started out.  Since I was driving her anyways, we stopped at the post office first, then off to town to visit her sister in the nursing home.  My mother had a phone message from her niece the day before, saying my aunt was very ill and might not make it through the night.  She couldn’t get through to her niece, so she called me.  Since I was going to town anyways, I swung by the nursing home to see what I could find out.  It turned out that, while my aunt had had a rough night, she was doing really great.  In fact, she was out of bed and in one of the lounges in her wheel chair!  I stepped in briefly to see her and, much to my surprise, she saw me and seemed to recognize me.  I don’t think she knew who I was, but knew she had seen me before.  Or, if nothing else, she saw someone who looks a lot like her sister (I bear a strong resemblance to my mother).  I spoke to her very briefly – my Polish is not very good anymore, unfortunately – but was able to tell her we would be back the next day.  Then, as soon as I was in the van, I called my mother to let her know how well her sister was doing, and worked out a pick up time for a visit.

My aunt was in bed, but she was awake and alert and mostly lucid.  She recognized my mother this time, and even seemed to figure out who I was.  We had a good long visit, and my aunt was very talkative, though she was mostly asking about things back in Poland, and asking about people long dead.  I could understand most of what she was saying – or should I say, I could understand the words, even if I couldn’t understand the conversation.  Some of it was due to lack of context.  At one point, she was talking about beatings.  All my mother would say was that she was remembering unpleasant things – likely related to what was going on just before WWII started, or in the early years of the war.  Others, it turned out she was rambling a bit, so completely unrelated things were being said within the same sentence.

At one point, my mother when her daughter visited last (which should have been just that morning), and my aunt said it’s been a long time.  Her daughter has to go to work, and they have cows to milk.

Her daughter has been retired for some time, and I don’t think they’ve ever had cows.

So following along the conversation was a challenge, even with the language barrier (she switched from Polish to Ukrainian part way through, too!).

She clearly enjoyed the visit and, as we were leaving, asked when we would be back!  We couldn’t say, but as we were heading out, I did say to my mom that she should visit more often (volunteering myself to do the driving).

Then, since I was driving her around anyhow, we stopped at a grocery store before I got my mom home.

It was a good visit overall, though of course, not without it’s … moments.  During the drive out, she became furious at me when, after she started blaming child suicides on God and the Bible no longer being in schools, I pointed out that there has always been suicides.  Even after pointing out that I knew at least 5 people from high school that died by suicide, or that there are priests and pastors that commit suicide, she just got angrier, saying I was brainwashed.  Then, out of the blue, she asked me if I’d become a muslim. ??? There’s a long story behind that which isn’t appropriate to discuss here, but my goodness, is that one ever off base!  Of course, at some point she had to bring up my weight – the last person who should be talking about that at all!  Then it was about “pills” (prescription medications) burning holes in stomachs – something she got from some woman who told her she won’t take any pills, because they make holes in her stomach.  I eventually figured out she meant ulcers, but I had been trying to explain acid reflux (again) to her, because she’s still convinced her perfectly healthy and strong heart is bad.  She also still thinks she’s on heart medication (she isn’t).

Still, the yelling and insults were minimal, compared to other visits, so it rates as a good visit. 😀

I left early enough that I could quickly swing by home to pick up a daughter, then head back into town to pick up some prescription refills before the pharmacy closed.  We even got a bit of Pokemon Go in.  A much more pleasant way to end the day!  It certainly ended up being a long one.

I don’t know how willing my mom will be to have me take her to visit her sister more often.  Aside from complaining about the gravel that accumulates on the floor of the van (apparently, I’m supposed to be constantly sweeping it out), it’s quite a struggle for her to clamber up into the seat.  She plans to nag my brother to take the battery out of her car for the winter.  She doesn’t plan to drive anymore, and has no understanding on how difficult it is to get the battery in and out of her car.  I helped put it back in the spring, and it is a real pain in the butt.  I offered to pay for the insurance to keep to keep it running, so I can use her car for trips like this, but she decided not to, because I am so “uncivilized” and don’t go to church.  She would rather the car be parked than take the chance that I might use it.  We’ll see if she changes her mind, after how hard it was for her be in my vehicle.  We very specifically picked our vehicle for my 6 ft husband’s mobility needs, not for someone barely 5 ft tall!

Ah, well.  It is what it is.

And now it’s time for me to head out and get those last prescriptions.

I wonder what cats will be out to great us? 😀

The Re-Farmer


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