This morning, my husband told me to look out the bathroom window – and to make sure I had the camera on my phone ready!

Too funny!


So once the water is gone, our set up does double duty as a butt warmer!

Big Jim was prowling around Doom Guy, trying to stick his face into the bowl.

That was my cue to head out!

Yeah.  They were pretty thirsty.


I’m going to have to make sure to top that up again earlier than usual, considering how much was gone by the time I was heading back into the house.  The water outside isn’t going to stay liquid for long.

As usual, I had escorts while doing my rounds this morning.  By about half way through, I had Butterscotch in my arms, licking my fingers.  Beep Beep climbed up my back again, and was perched on my shoulder.  Both were purring up a storm.  Rolando Moon was following along, Doom Guy was trying to climb the back of my leg, and even Big Jim came by to see what was going on!

They make my morning chores outside both fun and difficult.  😀

The Re-Farmer


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