A year ago today – driving

One year ago today, my older daughter and were on the road.

The original plan for the move was for my older daughter and I to stay at a hotel for a couple of nights, after the movers took our stuff, so that we could do at least some clean up in the townhouse before we left.

The original plan had also been to leave in the spring, and have a trailer hitch installed on the van, so we could haul some stuff ourselves.

A lot changed when we decided to leave in the fall, instead.

Then there was the fiasco with the movers, and we ended up having to leave before they were even done, because of bad weather coming in.I still can’t believe how utterly incompetent the movers were.  The local company that packed our stuff was not the same company that delivered out stuff, almost a month later (something else that didn’t work out as planned!), but both were horrible at their jobs. 

It wasn’t until we began unpacking that we realized what a terrible job they did of packing up what was left of our stuff.  I’m still chuffed that we ended up being charged for a “full pack”, when we had done so much of the packing ourselves.

But at this time last year, we were just glad it was over, were under the belief that our stuff was already on the way to our new province (it wasn’t), and looking forward to being reunited as a family again.

And tired.

So.  Tired.

The Re-Farmer


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