Critter of the day: Laser focus

Beep Beep is the cat we see most often on the bird feeder. 😀


I don’t know what was at the side of the house, but it sure got her attention!



It was so pretty and sparkly, while doing my morning rounds.


There are still lots of ornamental apples on the tree, and the ground below is just covered with hoof prints.  So is the area under the crab apple trees along the spruce grove, with a well trod path to the feeding area.


I wish I could have captured just how shiny everything was!  The very air was glittering.

The Re-Farmer

Cat Mess

So, this is what the cats left for me, this morning. out the bathroom window, earlier, there were 3 or 4 of them – including Big Jim sitting over the light bulb – looking at me with innocent faces.

Or, more like, “where’s our food and warm water, human?”

It’s all fixed up now, but I wonder how it happened.  From the looks of the top of that box, I’m guessing a cat slid off, taking the blanket with it.  But how did the piece of Styrofoam insulation get knocked off?  The one that was between the box and the arm bar on the transfer bench?

The one that was at me feet, as I took this picture!

I look forward to building something better for the cats, next summer.  I have a few ideas, but I haven’t built anything of substance since I helped my dad build the desk I’m using right now.  One of the downsides of being the youngest of 5, and having 3 older brothers.  My dad didn’t have much need to show me how to do stuff like that, and my mom was determined to keep me in the house, for my “duties as a woman”.

Well, I can learn, and I’ve got two strapping young women to help me out. 😀

The Re-Farmer

Good Morning


After feeding the critters and doing my rounds, I got to see a lovely sunrise this morning.

I noticed something interesting while walking around the spruce grove.  On the north side, there are always lots of deer tracks, between the grove and the apple trees.  The south side usually just has a few tracks from the deer jumping the gate, or down the path to the barn.  Today, I was seeing new deer tracks on top of my own boot prints along the south and east fence lines.  The deer are taking advantage of the paths I’ve made through the snow!  I find it interesting how wildlife in general will take advantage of what us humans have done, whether it’s using roads and driveways to get where they want to go, or my own boot prints to avoid stepping in snow.  Seeing the cats do it is sort of expected, since they’re so much lower to the ground.  I would not have expected it from a tall, leggy deer. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

Right at home

My daughter called me over and told me I needed to look out the bathroom window.

Were the kittens all being cute again?


Ferdinand was.


He had been asleep when she saw him, but woke up when I used my phone’s camera to be able to see (ah, the joys of being short…).

He’s made himself right at home on there!  The kittens don’t mind him at all, either.  From what I saw earlier today, there may well be a kitten or three on the other side of the blanket over the box.  They keep pulling the side down and covering the opening completely.

Strange.  I just noticed.  His nose isn’t the bright pink it usually is!

The Re-Farmer

Hello, Ferdinand!

My daughter was able to get some good pictures of Ferdinand!


Recently, while they were outside topping up the cat’s food and water outside, Ferdinand was there.  He ran off, but stayed close enough that they could hear him breathing.

He makes strange noises when he breathes!

We think there might be something wrong with his nose.